HUSH No More

HUSH No More

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I was very fortunate to have have met Dr. Vanessa Guyton and her awesome nonprofit that she’s running to raise awareness and to educate others about domestic violence in South Carolina. ⁣

speaking at event about the importance of this issue.

We walked for the victims who are now survivors and those who are still suffering. ⁣

meeting awesome people for a cause.

Domestic violence is a real issue in South Carolina and it’s only through educating others around us and educating ourselves that we can recognize the signs to help others, utilize resources and make a difference. ⁣

I choose to #HushNoMore ✊🏾⁣

With Dr. Guyton

if you or anyone you know is in need of help don’t hesitate to go here NOW:

you have the right to tell.

~xoxo North America 2020

Transitions Homeless Center Auction Campaign

Transitions Homeless Center Auction Campaign

October 1st at noon marks the opening of Transitions Homeless Center SC’s online auction, Reconstructing Home!

Featuring artwork from current and former clients, local artists, gift certificates, vacation packages, and much, much more, this online auction is taking the place of our annual in-person event.

Preview the items and register to bid at the Qtego link here:

I feel so honored I got asked to be apart of @transitionssc reconstructing homes fundraiser and i got to speak on my love for non-profiting and why I choose to volunteer with them.🌟⁣

Homelessness is a preventable tragedy. Together we can end it.

It is with your help that we can start on an individual level to make a small impact which will lead an even bigger one. 🥳✨❤️

xoxo ~ Miss North America 2020

Reading With Royalty

Reading With Royalty

So honored i was able to read for @ReadingWithRoyalty_ this past weekend.

Reading With Royalty is a outlet where different pageant queens can read to children in hospitals virtually!

I was able to read the book, ‘The Class Play’ by Robert Newell. I chose this book because the moral of this story was to show children that they should be grateful for the things they have and are chosen for.

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Sometimes exactly where you are is where you need to be.

Education is so important and I’m happy i can still promote literacy during COVID-19.

Thanks for listening .

~xoxo Miss North America 2020

The Gables at Cobb Village

The Gables at Cobb Village

I had the lovely pleasure of being with my teen for North America (@missteenna) at the ⁣The Gables at Cobb Village 👩🏿‍⚕️👩🏾‍⚕️

With social distancing and safety precautions taking place we were able to sit down and talk with some of the lovely residents and put a smile on their face despite the odds with COVID.

I got to talk more in detail about myself, the behind the scenes of winning the title and what it means to me while also discussing how I plan to make a difference. 

It was very fulfilling. ⁣🙏🏾

Also getting some quality hang out time with Alex and getting to know her more was a nice plus 💗⁣

(for those who are concerned; mask were taken off for photos but were worn around residents and for the safety of others.) 😊

~xoxo Miss North America 2020

Miss North America Week 2020

Miss North America Week 2020

Already holding the state preliminary title of Miss South Carolina North America 2020 the week of June 22-26 I went on to compete in Miss North America in Orlando, Florida.

This pageant week definitely looked a little different considering all the COVID madness and many state shutting down. However, Harrison Productions, LLC made sure the week was fun while still practicing safety precautions.

Mask were worn when needed in crowds (unless pictures were taken) and everyone did their part as an individual to make others feel comfortable.

Meeting different amazing and accomplished women from around North America was the best part. As cliche as it may sound the friendships formed will last a lifetime. The girls were awesome and made the week so much more exciting!

Delegates participate in numerous photoshoots, activities and events during the week-long competition, which ended with the Grand Finale. To qualify for Miss North America, delegates must be 20-29 years of age, can be married, widowed, divorced or single and have children. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about this system and competing or just curious about anything you can contact me on my contact form.

More to come soon on the results. Thanks for reading.

xoxo ~ Miss North America 2020

Sustaining Way

Sustaining Way

“Everybody deserves clean air, water and a healthy food supply” ♻️💚⁣

Connecting climate change to the community. I was excited to sit in at the @sustainingway ‘s virtual open house zoom meeting yesterday evening.⁣

Learning more informative ways on how to protect the environment and it’s natural resources for my community’s health and prosperity was super informative.⁣

Listening to the guest speaker James Woodley talk about his experience and what we can do to get involved now got me really inspired.⁣

I’m working on solidifying my own nonprofit ‘Its More Than Food” which provides sustainable and ethical resources for food while educating others on their carbon footprint and how they can get involved now. So being able to be a part of this gave me lots of information to get more ideas together. ✍🏾📚⁣

We are fighting for a livable future. We are organizing our communities to ignite a transformational era that ends the climate crisis by centering economic and racial justice. For more information and to sign the pledge

~xoxo Miss North America 2020